Remodeling Before Selling a House

Selling a House

Remodeling Before Selling a House

Unless you enjoy construction work, including demolition and haul-off, the thought of remodeling before selling a house is probably not too exciting. Even so, many people do it. They spend the time, money and effort and bear the inconvenience so that future homeowners can enjoy a fresh, new home.

Now, some real estate investors make a profit by buying houses, remodeling them and then selling at a higher price. They are professionals, and they don’t live in their investment houses while the remodeling work is being done. That’s one big difference between investors and homeowners.

And the other big difference is skill level. A real estate investor either has the construction skills to complete the work or knows who to hire to complete it. Knowing who to call and hire is a skill, too.

Taking on big remodeling projects for the purpose of selling your home for a higher price may not result in the profit you anticipate. In fact, you may find out the hard way that your buyers have different tastes in decorating and different uses for various rooms in the house. All the work and all those dollars spent on remodeling may not be worth it to you in the long run.

Kitchens and Bathrooms Are the Best Rooms to Remodel

Taking on a kitchen remodel is not a simple task, unless it’s simply painting kitchen cabinets, or replacing the flooring and maybe the countertops. But, rearranging the floor plan entirely and situating the appliances in new locations, for example, along with floor and countertop replacement is best done by the people who will be owning and living in the home. It’s not productive for owners getting ready to sell. Your ideas and their ideas may not match.

Although real estate agents often advise spending money to upgrade bathrooms, that’s another place your choices may not appeal to a new buyer. There are just too many options available.

If the kitchen or the bathroom didn’t suit your needs while you owned the home, and yet you lived there, other people may make the same choice you made. Or, they will draw up plans for their own remodeling projects to their own specifications and get the work done shortly after purchasing the home.

Skip the Remodel and Sell Quickly

Professional real estate investors may buy your home just as it is and close a sale transaction quickly. There will be no commission, no fees and no legal costs to you. Call us at (405) 521-1807 or email us at  and you will be on your way. You won’t have to remodel before selling a house when you decide to call us!