Remodeling to Sell My Property

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Remodeling to Sell my Property

I always wanted to upgrade my kitchen and now I am remodeling to sell my property. I am thinking about remodeling the kitchen and the master bathroom, too, but neither project is started yet. All the advice we have received from friends and family members, as well as from real estate agents, is pointing us in the direction of taking on the remodeling projects to increase the value of our home.

Those “flip-a-house” shows on cable TV make remodeling look fast and easy. They finish off an entire house in the span of one episode. Obviously, it cannot be as easy as it looks on TV, but we are wondering how long it will take us to do the work ourselves. My husband and I have no remodeling experience, and neither one of us is completely competent with power tools.

But we are motivated to sell our home soon to get the equity we have already built up, as well as the sweat equity we could possibly add to our existing home equity. Getting our equity in cash is our primary motivation for selling, and we have a short timeline so we can take advantage of another property we want to purchase.

Skip the Remodeling – Sell to We Pay Fast

Rather than diving into big DIY kitchen and bath projects, we could skip the remodeling entirely and sell our home to We Pay Fast instead. For several reasons, this alternative is starting to make a lot of sense. The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast purchase homes directly from the property owners, with no real estate agent involved.

By calling 405-521-1807 or by emailing we can speak to a professional homebuyer who is authorized to make us an offer on our home, if the investment works for them. If we agree to the offer, We Pay Fast provides all the documents and legal work needed to close our transaction within a week to ten days from signing a purchase agreement.

Instead of remodeling to sell my property, I am looking forward to calling We Pay Fast about a quick cash sale to get our home equity in less than two weeks.