Renting a Storage Unit for Selling My House Fast

Selling My House Fast

Renting a Storage Unit for Selling My House Fast

This week I am renting a storage unit for selling my house fast. Most of us look around and decide, sooner or later, that we have too many possessions and we need to reduce the clutter. I need to get my cash equity out of my home as quickly as possible, so that means I need to get my household goods out of my home as quickly as possible, too.

There is no time for a traditional real estate sale through a listing agent. I need to cut the time it takes to find a buyer and close a home sale. It looks like finding a buyer will be easy for me, and it is likely that my ideal cash buyer will also have the ability to close our transaction quickly, within a week to ten days.

Why am I so confident about finding a buyer with the ability to pay cash and close fast? The reason is that I have already spoken to one of the team members at We Pay Fast. They have been buying and selling residential real estate for decades, directly from the homeowner, with no need for a real estate agent or a mortgage lender.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash and Closes Fast

The team of professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast has made me an offer over the phone, and I accepted it. Following our phone conversation they emailed me a purchase agreement to sign, which is done. Now, they are arranging for the title company to prepare the documents and do the legal work necessary to close our transaction next week.

Yes! It’s true! I am looking forward to getting a check for the cash equity from the sale of my house next week. It is a dream come true for me. No showings, no mortgage loan approval delays and no worries about the transaction falling apart at the last minute.

That is the good news, and the reason why I am renting a storage unit for storing my possessions because I am selling my house fast to We Pay Fast next week. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a team member to sell a house today.