Renting Storage Space to Sell My House

Sell My House

Renting Storage Space to Sell My House

This week I am renting storage space to sell my house. Getting rid of half our big furniture and household items is the first step to moving out and starting our new life. Trying to live and work in the house during the long months of the Covid19 pandemic has taken a toll on our family life as well as our income. For now, we are selling the house and renting separate apartments.

Hopefully, apartment living will be a temporary situation. That remains to be seen, but no matter what may happen in the future we need to sell the house now to free up our equity in cash. The cash will allow us to pay first and last months’ rent on two apartments and to catch up on some of our bills.

Many people around the world are suffering from living in a confined space for months while quarantined. And on most countries the size of a typical family home would make ours look like a mansion. But it simply was not big enough to accommodate all our various needs, and so conflicts arose. But I am not conflicted about renting storage space to sell my house. That is a definite decision.

Selling My House to We Pay Fast

One reason I am determined to get a big portion of our belongings into storage soon involves what I plan to do about selling the house. After researching on the web and making a few other phone calls, I called We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 and spoke to one of their professional buyers. We talked about my house and how much money I need to sell it. The buyer did some research and made me an offer while we were talking on the phone.

After our phone call, he emailed me a purchase agreement to sign, since I am the sole, legal owner of the house. And we set a closing date for three weeks from the date I signed the agreement. So, the house must be cleared out by that date and having a lot of our possessions in storage before that date will make things much easier.

Working with We Pay Fast has been quick and easy so far, and I am certain it will continue to work well through our closing date. Renting storage space to sell my house to We Pay Fast is a pleasure!