Running Craigslist Ads to Sell My House

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Running Craigslist Ads to Sell My House is a huge website with classified ads in various categories, including real estate. I’m thinking about running craigslist ads to sell my house because the ads are free, and they are seen by thousands of people every day.

The site is divided into dozens of countries and hundreds of cities, so ads are posted in their local area. Many people rely on craigslist to find jobs, rent apartments and buy and sell used household items, so it’s estimated that the entire site has 50 billion pageviews each month.

It seems like craigslist would be a good place to post photos and details about my house so I can sell it without paying a real estate commission. Some friends have told me their posts attracted buyers for selling their homes and selling their furniture when it was time to move out.

How To Post An Ad on Craigslist

It’s easy to post an ad on by finding the city and state where my house is located and choosing to post with an account or as a guest. The two most important things I need to attract potential buyers are the photos of my house and the words I use to describe it. People scrolling through craigslist ads want to see photos more than anything else.

So, taking time to get good photos of my house is the best way to insure that people can see whether they are interested in contacting me to talk about seeing it in person and maybe buying it directly from me.

Describing the house accurately is important, too, but making it sound interesting is even better. What can I say about my house that will make people want to come and see it? Naturally, whatever I post about my house must be true.

Ads can be renewed every two days. Renewing an ad moves it back up to the top of the page so more people will be likely to see it.  I don’t have to re-write an ad each time I renew or repost it.

Avoiding Running Craigslist Ads Online

I might decide against taking photos, writing ads and responding to texts and phone calls by not running craigslist ads at all. It’s a way to sell my house if I want to put in all the time and effort, but it’s a lot of work. I might decide to call a professional buyer to buy my house instead.

The buyers at We Pay Fast make it fast and easy for sellers who want a quick cash transaction within a week or so. I call 405-521-1807 or email to get in touch with We Pay Fast buyers and to avoid running craigslist ads to sell my house.