Sell a Building and Rent Instead

Sell a Building and Rent Instead

Have you ever thought about how you could sell a building and rent instead? This idea might seem backwards to many owners of commercial real estate. Why would a person or a business entity choose to pay rent when they could own a tangible asset and build equity? This is a sensible, logical question with a variety of possible answers.

The first answer involves timing. We all know there are times in life when it pays to own commercial real estate and enjoy the benefits. On the other hand, there are times it no longer makes sense. When our business and/or our personal circumstances have changed and property ownership has become a burden, that is surely a good time to consider selling a building instead of continuing to invest in it.

The second answer involves finances. Purchasing real estate and continuing to invest in real estate ownership is dependent on having the available cash to do so. When there’s no liquidity for ongoing property taxes, insurance, maintenance expenses and capital improvements, there’s no good reason for property ownership at all.

And finally, choosing to pay rent gives you certainty. You know how much your rent will be each month and you know when your rent is due. Unlike the uncertainty of property taxes and insurance premiums that usually increase annually, your rent is set for the period of your lease agreement, often two to five years in duration.

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