Sell A Building or Pay Back Taxes Now

Sell A Building

Sell A Building or Pay Back Taxes Now

This month I must sell a building or pay back taxes. There is simply no doubt about it at this point. I am backed into a corner financially and must make a decision quickly. Selling my building was not part of my plan for this year but paying the back property taxes has become an immediate necessity.

For the last couple years during Covid19 I kept thinking, “once we get through this pandemic, things will turn around for my business…” Talking to other business owners, I understand that many people were thinking the same thing. Delaying the payment of annual property taxes has put many commercial property owners in a financial bind, one way or another.

Maybe I should sell the building instead. In the big picture it’s not a rash decision. I was not planning on operating my business more than five more years anyway, so perhaps this is the best time to liquidate my real estate assets and collect my equity. I do not want to discuss this idea with friends or family because that would reveal too much about my financial circumstances. I need to keep a sale transaction private.

We Pay Fast Buys Properties Confidentially

We Pay Fast may be an ideal buyer for my building under my present circumstances. They are real estate investors who pay cash and close fast, and most importantly, they keep all their transactions confidential until recording is done by the local county recorder’s office. At that point I will have my cash and a sale will no longer need to be a secret.

The We Pay Fast team includes administrative, legal, and hands-on moving assistance. In other words, selling to We Pay Fast could relieve me of paying the back taxes, listing with a real estate agent, and cleaning up the property prior to listing it. All aspects of the sale could be handled by the We Pay Fast team, including repayment of back property taxes at closing. The county will need to be paid, and We Pay Fast will see that it happens before they take ownership of the building.

My next step is to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and speak to a We Pay Fast investor. That is how I plan to move forward making my decision to sell a building or pay back taxes now.