Sell A Building Without Fixing It Up

Sell A Building

Sell A Building Without Fixing It Up

You can sell a building without fixing it up before putting it on the market. In fact, you can sell a building without even putting it on the market! The key is knowing who to call when you want to sell a property “as is,” without spending the time, money, and effort to fix it up.

Your first thought is likely to involve calling a commercial real estate broker. That is the first step for most sellers of commercial properties, including buildings of any size, age, and construction. Or perhaps you are considering selling “By Owner” to save the expense of a real estate commission at closing. Hiring a commercial broker and selling “By Owner” both require your involvement over the time it takes to attract a buyer and close the sale. Sometimes your involvement can be substantial, even with a broker involved.

If you want to avoid spending your own time on the sale of your building, with or without a commercial broker, making one phone call to a commercial property buyer might be a good solution. We Pay Fast is a team of property buyers looking for commercial buildings in every state. One call to 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email to gets you connected directly with buyers of commercial property in your area.

Selling A Building As Is to We Pay Fast

No matter what condition your commercial building is currently in, the professional buyers at We Pay Fast want to speak to you about it. If you are motivated to sell it “as is,” We Pay Fast is interested in your phone call, email, or online contact form request. After reaching out, you will receive a phone call back within 24 hours from one of the team members with the authority to analyze your property and make you an offer on the phone.  

If you get a verbal offer and agree to accept it, the We Pay Fast team provides all the documents for signatures by email. Besides preparing the purchase agreement, We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and legal fees required to close the sale. At closing, you simply sign some additional documents and provide your keys to the building to We Pay Fast as the new property owner. If everything goes smoothly, you may have your building sold in less than two weeks from your original contact.

Call We Pay Fast at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to sell a building without fixing it up.