Sell a Home Fast in a Generational Community

Sell a Home Fast

Sell a Home in a Generational Community

When you purchased your home there were probably people of all ages living in the neighborhood.  But now you may want tos sell a home fast in a generational community because the neighborhood has changed as you have grown older.

Generational communities are populated by people in a similar age group. The best examples of generational communities are those built around the needs of senior citizens and those catering to millennials. Those are two distinct populations with different interests and needs.

Seniors generally prefer one-story homes or duplexes, and multi-story condos with elevators. Building complexes and subdivisions serving older people have been called “retirement communities” for decades. Specialized recreation facilities and retail stores may be available in their communities, too.

Millennials often love the idea of remodeling older homes of one, two or three stories, and bringing them into the new century with clean, open space for raising a family.

How Your Home May Be Affected

Mark Mathis of posted the following, “Baby boomers and millennials are causing shifts in the market…“ Homeowners living in the neighborhoods turning into generational communities have the advantage of knowing the age bracket of their prospective buyers, but they may not have any interest in marketing their own homes.

If you have noticed young singles, couples and families moving into your neighborhood, you might choose to sell a home in your changing, generational community. It’s always good to take advantage of a rising trend in homeownership when the time is right.

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