Sell a Home to Downsize

Sell a Home

Sell a Home to Downsize

Life provides plenty of situations for us to navigate, and some of them might require changes to our living arrangements. If you need to sell a home to downsize now, you have more than one way to find a buyer and close a sale transaction.

Your first thought is likely to be listing your house with a real estate agent. And then you might begin to think about all the horror stories you’ve heard from friends and family members. Buyers walking away from the deal at the last minute, lenders pulling their offer of financing and buyers losing a job or changing jobs can all have devastating consequences for your home sale timeline.

Whether you’ve already been waiting for many weeks to sell a home to downsize or you’re just thinking ahead to possible problems in the future, you know if a delayed home sale can throw a wrench in the works of your life plans. If that is your concern, you may be interested in alternatives to listing your house with a real estate agent.

How to Sell Without Putting Your House on the Market

There are two basic ways to avoid listing your home or selling it yourself by running ads and spreading word-of-mouth advertising. Those two ways involve: 1) auctions and 2) real estate investors.

Auctioneers can set a reserve price and get higher bids for you, over a week or so online or on one day, at a certain time and place. Selling real estate at auction is very efficient because it rarely fails to close and provide the seller with their cash. But, holding an auction will require lead time for advertising the auction date and time. It’s not the fastest way to sell your home.

The fastest way to sell a home to downsize is to call a real estate investor and get a quick offer. You will be able to choose your closing date based on your own schedule. And you will receive all the proceeds at closing, with no real estate commission, no closing costs or legal fees subtracted from the sale price.

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