Sell a House During Divorce

Sell a House

Sell a House During Divorce

It’s a confusing, emotional time whenever a couple divorces. And sometimes, if the circumstances require it, you may discover it’s necessary to sell a house during divorce. Owning a house with the person you’re not going to live with into the future is awkward and uncomfortable.

Unlike a normal real estate sale transaction, one involving divorcing sellers may have even more pressure involved, because a fast home sale ends the forced joint ownership. So, selling as quickly as possible may become more important that selling for the highest possible price.

Anyone who has not experienced this situation might find it hard to believe that time can become more important than money. And real estate agents are certainly not motivated to sacrifice the most money for the shortest time. If the sellers take less for their home, it means the agent earns less commission, which is not popular with the average real estate agent.

How to Speed Up a Real Estate Sale

The first, most effective way to speed up a real estate sale is to contact people you know who have said they love your home. Maybe they have even said, “If you ever decide to sell, please let me know!”

Don’t be shy. Call anyone who has told you they love your home. If they aren’t in the market for a new house, they may very well have friends or family who would love it, too. Most people really enjoy making connections like this and you have nothing to lose by calling them and asking.

The second way to efficiently sell a house during divorce is to go ahead and list it, put it on the local multiple listing service, but keep the price as low as you can. Naturally, this technique may give rise to arguments between spouses, and almost certainly between the sellers and their agent. Agents don’t like to start a new listing with a low price.

The Fastest Way to Sell a House During Divorce

Finally, the fastest way to get to the closing table when you and your spouse are divorcing is to call a professional real estate buyer to get an offer. Your sale transaction can be closed within a week, if there are no legal issues causing delays, and there will be no real estate commissions or fees to pay at closing.

When the professional buyers at We Pay Fast make an offer, that is the amount of money you will receive at closing. The normal expenses paid by sellers in a typical transaction will not be debited from the selling price. The buyer will pay them for you.

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