Sell a House Fast with One Phone Call

best way to Sell a House Fast

Sell a House Fast with One Phone Call

It doesn’t sound real when I say it’s possible to sell a house fast with one phone call. Of course, who you call is what makes all the difference. Making one phone call to a real estate broker might result in a home sale eventually, but it may take months to close. Making one phone call to a buying specialist might result in a sale closing within the week.

A buying specialist is someone who buys and sells residential real estate as a business. That person may or may not have a real estate license because a license is usually not necessary to buy and sell your own property. Licensed agents must obtain education and meet state requirements because they are representing homes they do not own.

Where Can I Find a Buying Specialist?

“Buying specialist” is not a common term in the real estate business. More often you’ll hear people talk about real estate investors or professional buyers. All these terms describe the same entity – a person or a company that purchases single-family homes to be resold for a profit or held and maintained as a rental unit.

Some professional buyers specialize in multi-unit properties such as duplexes or three and four-unit buildings. Some specialize in large apartment complexes only. But the kind of real estate investor I need to find is one who buys houses like mine.

Calling We Pay Fast Buying Specialists

Fortunately, I don’t have to look any farther than to find the kind of professional buyers I need. They know what type of properties work for their business and portfolio, so it doesn’t take long to come to a meeting of the minds once we speak together on the phone.

If the buyers at We Pay Fast are interested in my home, it may be the perfect way to sell a house fast with one phone call. Yes, it can happen!

I’ll call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to get connected to their buying specialists and to discuss the steps to sign purchase and closing documents so I will receive my cash within a week to ten days.