Sell a House I Inherited

sell a house fast for cash

Sell a House I Inherited

There have been many consequences of losing an elderly relative to the Coronavirus epidemic, and now I will have to sell a house I inherited. Selling a house was not on my to-do list at all. I am not eager to get involved in a depressed real estate market or spend the time and energy required to sell by owner.

Selling this house is my responsibility because I am the only heir. And I don’t want to move to the area where it’s located because I have no interest in living there. So I only have two choices – keep the house as a rental or sell it immediately.

I understand that being a long-distance landlord can be aggravating and expensive. A friend with rentals told me that keeping inherited real estate is a temptation, but it’s probably the main reason people sell their rentals after getting a taste of the residential real estate rental business. Neither managing a house from another state nor hiring a local property manager are satisfying or cost effective solutions.


If you inherit a house and have the obligation to deal with it, it seems logical to seek local advice. But that’s a problem, too, because getting advice about local residential real estate business is not easy to come by.

Real estate agents may be helpful if they think you are planning to list your house so they can sell it or lease it for you, but they are not in business to give general information to landlords. Referring plumbers, electricians, contractors and landscapers is not usually what they do.

I prefer to avoid talking to real estate agents about my inherited house and simply find a buyer for it on my own.


There’s one option I plan to explore now, which is calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at to see if they are interested in buying the house. If we can make a deal on the phone, I may not need to remove any of my relative’s possessions or make any repairs to get the house sold. I would like to sell it to We Pay Fast as-is, and simply collect a check for the proceeds at closing.

Their experienced home buyers pay cash, and pay all the closing costs, so it’s the fastest, easiest way for me to sell a house I inherited.