Sell A House In One Day?

Sell A House

Sell A House In One Day?

I heard a TV commercial that promised to sell a house in one day. That makes no sense to me. Over the years I have sold several homes and multiple vehicles, so I know the procedure for real estate sales and also for automotive sales. The two types of sales are unique.

Real estate sales in every state where I have personal experience involve either a title search or the purchase of title insurance. These are legal in nature and usually handled by a local title company experienced in closing real estate sales. Title companies are busy, and they have to schedule closings the way a doctor schedules appointments or a court schedules hearings.

Now, the TV commercial promising to sell my house in one day might have been promising a signed purchase agreement within one day. That is certainly possible. But a signed purchase agreement is not the actual sale. A house is not sold until the transaction closes, until the purchase price is paid, and the proper paperwork is signed and filed with the county recorder.

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The truth is that you cannot sell a house in one day the way you can sell a car or a truck in one day. But you can call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and get your home sale started today!