Sell A House In The Winter?

Sell A House

Sell A House In The Winter?

Does it make sense to sell a house in the winter? While the landscape might look beautiful during a romantic, light snowfall, sooner or later there are big piles of dirty, messy snow and ice to contend with. And besides being unsightly, that snow and ice can be dangerous.

Homebuyers will drive by to see houses they found online.  Motivated buyers still check out homes for sale in the wintertime. I know it’s possible, but I also know it’s a big, inconvenient mess when they tramp all over the place, inside and outside the house, garage, and yard.

Another serious consideration is liability for a visitor who might happen to slip and fall. This situation is impossible to control and poses a genuine threat whenever potential buyers are on the property in the winter snow and ice.

Real estate showings are not consistent with our lifestyle right now. I need to find a buyer without going through the hassle and mess of listing and selling through agent showings. And selling “by owner,” won’t work for us either. due to the unavoidable, messy, winter showings to prospective buyers.

We Pay Fast Buys Homes During Winter

There may be a quick, easy way to sell a house in the winter, without the mess and bother of showings. The We Pay Fast team of experienced, professional homebuyers purchase properties directly from sellers, with no listing agreements or showings involved.

We Pay Fast pays cash and closes fast, too. As professional buyers, they provide all the necessary documents by email and close their transactions within a week to 10 days from signatures on the purchase agreement.

I intend to call the We Pay Fast professional buyers at 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email them at to talk about our house for sale. How I would love to sell a house in winter without messy showings in the snow and ice!