Sell a House the Tenants Trashed

Sell a house

Sell a House the Tenants Trashed

Until you become a landlord and have the experience of seeing your rental house destroyed by the renters, it’s hard to believe. But once you see what careless, thoughtless people have done to your investment property, and you estimate the cost of repairs and remodeling, you may want to sell a house the tenants trashed.

Originally, you may have pre-qualified the tenants yourself. They may have looked and sounded good, had jobs and references that checked out when you made some phone calls. So, you prepared a lease and you and the renters all signed it before they moved into the house. Things seemed to be going well at first.

But you received a few late rent payments and you noticed the yard was not maintained as agreed in the lease. Driving by the house, you saw several vehicles parked in the driveway at night, and you heard loud music coming from the back yard at the same time. The reality is, your rental house had become a party house, despite your attempts to pre-qualify and screen your tenants.

Recovering the Cost of Property Damage

If your lease gives you permission to enter the property with tenant permission, do so. Go inside and look at what’s happening to the interior of your property. It may be very uncomfortable for you and for the tenants, but that’s part of the responsibility of being a landlord – handling uncomfortable situations involving tenants.

Your lease should also provide you with the authority to evict tenants who are willfully damaging the property. Depending on the state and local jurisdiction where your house is located you will very likely need to hire a lawyer to help you file the correct legal documents, and to represent your case in court.

Your first goal will be to evict the renters who are continuing to cause property damage. Your second goal will be to get them to reimburse you for the cost of repairs to the property. Eviction often proves to be much easier to achieve than collecting on a court judgment for damages.

Avoiding Legal Fees and Court Costs

Depending on your own circumstances, time frame and mindset, you may choose to sell a house the tenants have trashed, rather than dealing with the depressing mess and expensive remodeling. Not every landlord is cut out to see their rental property as a business investment that will involve occasional losses.

We Pay Fast buys houses that tenants have trashed, if the location fits our requirements. Call us at 405-521-1807 or email to discuss your property. We will give you the opportunity to describe the situation and we will consider paying you cash for your rental property, with no commission, legal fees or court costs charged to you at closing. We Pay Fast may be the be solution to your rental house dilemma.