Sell a House to Avoid Evicting Tenants

Sell a House

Sell a House to Avoid Evicting Tenants

It is an awkward situation, but sometimes property owners must sell a house to avoid evicting tenants. Although landlords all have their own reasons for starting an eviction procedure, the usual reason is non-payment of rent. In these times of Covid19 and government intervention to protect tenants from eviction there are no similar protections for landlords.

Eviction is something no landlord wants to deal with, if possible. But sometimes it becomes necessary when tenants refuse to pay their rent regularly. The moratorium on evictions that was put in place during the pandemic has come full circle now. Landlords are giving notices of eviction and some of them are facing foreclosure due to their own late mortgage payments.

Trying to avoid move-out messes and property damage becomes a priority for owners of single-family rental homes as well as multi-unit properties. In the midst of these dramas, it may be time to consider selling the house and letting the new owner deal with an eviction.

We Pay Fast Deals With Your Problem Tenants

The professional investors at We Pay Fast have plenty of experience dealing with tenants. They buy residential and commercial property directly from the owners, and handle tenant evictions, if required. Once a tenant is in default on their lease terms a new buyer has no obligation to continue renting to those tenants.

You can sell a house to We Pay Fast in under two weeks’ time, in many cases. Call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), email, or use the contact form on to get in touch with a team of buyers who may be able to help you sell a house to avoid evicting tenants.