Sell a House to Divorce

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Sell a House to Divorce

Many couples are advised to sell a house to divorce. Dividing up the real and personal property acquired during a marriage may require the home sale because both individuals are entitled to half the equity in their home.

Liquidating the house may be the simplest way to allocate cash to each party and allow them to move on with their lives by finding separate places to live. Sometimes one person wants to keep the house, but that’s only possible if there are other assets equal to the value of the home equity that the other person wants to keep.

It can get complicated when one spouse demands to keep the house they both own. To simplify distribution of assets in a divorce, it may be best to sell the house instead.


Divorce lawyers may advise their clients to consider selling to an investor who pays cash and closes the transaction quickly. Selling the house before their divorce is final provides cash and peace of mind for each party. There’s no longer a reason to argue over the house or how to divide up the household possessions. When the house is sold everything inside the house, garage and outbuildings will be divided.

The experienced investors at We Pay Fast are prepared to make an offer, and each person can discuss the offer with his or her lawyer. If the parties both agree to sign an agreement to sell, We Pay Fast will generally schedule a closing within a week to ten days, or longer if needed.

We Pay Fast does not charge commissions or fees to the homeowners, so the amount offered is the amount the sellers will receive. Knowing what to expect and when to expect it can be very helpful during a divorce.

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