Sell A House With A Swimming Pool

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Sell A House With A Swimming Pool

To sell a house with a swimming pool it may be necessary to wait until summer when the pool can be used. At least that is what a couple real estate agents have told me. Their advice may be true under ideal conditions, when a homeowner has the luxury of scheduling their home sale. I don’t have that luxury right now. Selling my house with a swimming pool must happen now, even though the pool is winterized.

Our swimming pool is a lovely feature in the backyard. It contributes to the value of the home, assuming a homebuyer is in the market for a property that includes a pool. Maybe if we try to sell the house without an agent we won’t get pushback about waiting until summer to sell. Encouraging us to wait for the perfect time to receive the highest offer is not bad in theory, but it’s not our goal at this time.

Our goal is to sell fast for cash. We want to liquidate our assets and buy a big motorhome for traveling across North America. That is why we have no interest in waiting until next summer to sell our home. Finding a fast, cash buyer is more important to us than receiving top dollar for our home.

We Pay Fast Buys Homes With Swimming Pools

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast buy homes with swimming pools in any weather. They purchase properties directly from sellers all over the country, without involving a real estate agent or a mortgage broker in the transaction.  

Sellers who choose to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email  can expect to receive a phone call back within 24 hours. They can look forward to speaking with a knowledgeable property buyer from We Pay Fast who is curious about their house for sale. We Pay Fast buyers have the authority to make offers over the phone, and it’s possible to receive an offer during your first phone call.

We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and legal fees for their purchase transactions, which is a benefit to the seller. In addition to closing fast, within a week to ten days, there are no delay for mortgage financing approval.

I want to sell a house with a swimming pool by calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and speaking to a cash buyer at We Pay Fast.