Sell a House with Fire Damage in Dallas

Sell a House selling my house fast

Sell A House with Fire Damage in Dallas

I never thought I’d have to sell a house with fire damage in Dallas. Most people don’t expect a fire to occur, and I was one of them. But it happened, and now I have a house that’s fire-damaged, but not beyond repair.

It’s an awkward situation, because the average home buyer wants to move into their new home on the day of closing, or shortly thereafter. They don’t expect to spend weeks or months remodeling before moving in. So, my home will require a special buyer with the means and the motivation to clean up and remodel after sustaining fire damage.

I’m talking about real estate investors who have experience removing the fire damage and remodeling the existing home. Depending on their existing portfolio and perspective, an investor might choose to demolish the burned-out structure and start over with new construction.

Most investors will look at the value of property as-is and calculate how much time and materials it will take to put the house back in good condition. And they will consider how much the sellers’ fire insurance company will be paying on their loss.

Selling a House After a Fire

Complete honesty and a clear copy of the fire department’s report are needed when selling a house after a fire in Dallas. Don’t try to hide or cover up and damage. The neighbors and the closest fire station chief will have knowledge anybody can discover by asking questions.

You’ll want to provide accurate information and allow anyone who is interested in buying your house to hire a property inspector to determine the full extent of the fire damage.

Personally, I decided to call the professional home buyers at We Pay Fast because they have experience buying and selling homes in Dallas, and they are familiar with the challenges of looking at fire-damaged homes. Once we talk and determine that they are interested in buying my house, they can close a cash sale in as little as a week. And they pick up all the costs of closing, too, so I pay no commissions or fees out of my proceeds.

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