Sell an Acreage in the Country

Sell your home fast for cash

Sell your home fast for cash

If you dreamed of a peaceful place, far from city life, and you found one and bought it, the day may come when you need to sell an acreage in the country. Many people think a country home is the ideal place for an easy-paced life, with pets and plants and no neighbors to bother them. But those peaceful dreams often fade when summer weekends are spent mowing and snow and mud make gravel roads impassable in the winter.

Maintaining an acreage is a lot of work. Most people tend to focus on their desires and overlook the reality, until they are staring at their small lawn tractor and really need a bigger tractor. Or maybe they always wanted to own a few horses, until they had to call a vet and pay hundreds of dollars per house call.

It may be a few months or a few years, but, sooner or later, country homeowners frequently experience buyers’ remorse. It’s just too much work, which takes up all their spare time, and there’s no time left to go fishing in the pond. Sell your home fast for cash

Sell Land in One Parcel or Multiple Parcels

Purchasing an acreage gives you a unique advantage over homeowners with a home on a city lot. Besides the fact that you have more land, if you have enough land you can subdivide and sell lots to more than one buyer.

Of course, you can sell it as one parcel of land, just as you purchased it. But your acreage may be more valuable by selling smaller parcels to several buyers, not just one buyer.

Breaking up one piece of land into several pieces, with separate legal descriptions for each, is called subdividing. There are legal costs involved in creating a subdivision, so you will be investing more money before you’ll be able to sell your property to several buyers and eventually make more profit. That will make you a successful land developer.

Hiring a land surveyor may be the first significant expense involved in subdividing your acreage. The exact boundaries of your land must be established before a plat map can be drawn to show to potential buyers. If you received a survey at the time of purchase, the engineering firm you hire to survey and plat (draw a map of the new lots) for sale will use it to begin their process.

Land Development is Not for You

If you are not getting excited about the complex process of subdividing to sell an acreage in the country, then land development is not for you. The cost of delegating all the tasks involved will often consume any extra money you make selling multiple parcels of land.

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