Sell Commercial Building By Owner

Sell Commercial Building

Sell Commercial Building By Owner

Few sellers choose to sell commercial buildings by owner. Even those who have the knowledge and confidence to do it generally do not want to spend the time and energy required to find a buyer and do everything needed to move the sale through closing. There is a lot more to commercial building sales than home sales.

Here are three points to consider if you are tempted to sell your commercial building by owner:

1)  Get printed forms, legal in your area, and keep them handy for an interested buyer to sign. You never know when that buyer will show up! Of course, you must be sure you understand them. Your purchase agreement, signed by both buyer and seller, is the first of many documents needed in every real estate transaction. Alternatively, be prepared to ask your attorney to draft sale documents for signatures. This option is the best one.

2)  Expect commercial agents to contact you to list your property for sale. They will see your ads and online postings, and curious buyers often ask their own agent to set up a showing. Naturally, this involves discussion of a real estate commission, so be sure you know how you will handle commission questions from buyers and agents.

3)  Buyers may approach you about financing the sale. Meaning, they offer to provide a down payment and then ask to make monthly payments on the balance, sometimes with a balloon payment after 5 years. Consider whether you are interested in this type of sale and the consequences to you, as the seller, if the buyer does not perform on the arrangement.

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