Sell Commercial Property In Miami

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Sell Commercial Property In Miami

I must sell commercial property in Miami this year. With only a few weeks left of 2022, finding a cash buyer has become my top priority. There is no time to list it for sale with a commercial real estate broker now. Brokers cast a wide net and cultivate all possible buyers. What I need is to find one buyer with enough cash and motivation to close a transaction fast.

A couple friends have told me I’m dreaming. They think it’s impossible to find a commercial property buyer who can pay cash and close within a few weeks. They said that it may be possible for residential property, meaning houses and small multi-unit apartment buildings, but not for large commercial properties. Personally, I want to make some calls and find out what is possible for me now.

The first phone number I plan to call is 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932). The commercial property buyers at We Pay Fast are investors who are equipped to pay cash and close fast, which is just what I need. They purchase homes, apartments, warehouses, condominiums, office buildings, and retail properties directly from sellers in every state. No real estate agents or mortgage brokers are involved in their transactions, which speeds up the closing process significantly.

We Pay Fast Buys Commercial Property in Miami

We Pay Fast has commercial property experience in Miami. They have the admin team and the local contacts to close a real estate transaction before the end of 2022 if a property works for them. The We Pay Fast team responds to phone calls and to emails to within 24 hours. That means I will be able to find out if they might be interested in my commercial property for sale within one day.

We Pay Fast purchases the leases with tenants in place, if any, at the time of sale. If we come to an agreement over the phone, after I provide the income and expense data they request, our transaction could close before the end of 2022. That would be my best-case scenario, since I need to sell commercial property in Miami now.

I am calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to discuss the sale of my commercial property located in Miami.