Sell My Apartment Building While Vacant

Sell My Apartment Building

Sell My Apartment Building While Vacant

There are two sides to thinking I should sell my apartment building while vacant. It has eight units, so it is a commercial property. And the income generated by commercial properties contributes significantly to its value. Choosing not to renew leases on all eight units means there is no rental income at present.

The reason I did not renew all eight leases when they came to the end of their term is this – I planned to remodel and upgrade the entire building to raise rents and attract higher quality tenants. This plan would have made sense if things had not changed in my own financial life. I had enough cash and credit to borrow against the property to complete the big renovation project. Now I do not. I lost a lot of money recently and it will not be possible for me to carry out my original plan.

Real estate investors looking for good investment opportunities are not usually looking for vacant properties. They are looking for an existing income stream from monthly rent. At this point I need to find a real estate investor with the ability to pay cash for my apartment building while it’s vacant, and in the meantime decide whether to upgrade or to fill it with new tenants just as it is.

We Pay Fast Buys Apartment Buildings

Commercial lenders would have no interest in a vacant apartment building. That is the reason I need a cash buyer, meaning a buyer who can pay cash without borrowing from a commercial mortgage lender. Cash buyers for single family homes are easier to find than cash buyers for apartment buildings. But I discovered the We Pay Fast team lately and they may be interested.

I called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and spoke to a professional buyer about my apartment building for sale. We discussed some details over the phone, and after our conversation I emailed a spreadsheet with rental income and building expenses. Naturally, any buyer is interested in the income a building has been generating before my choice to create vacancies.

We Pay Fast is putting together an offer for me, and I expect a call back today. They are easy to talk to and seem to know their business very well. If we come together on a price and a closing date, We Pay Fast will provide a purchase agreement for me to sign by email. And they will also pay all the closing costs and legal fees associated with the transaction at closing.

I may be able to sell my apartment building for cash because I called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932).