Sell My Duplex After The Pandemic?

Sell My Duplex

Sell My Duplex After The Pandemic?

For two years I’ve been thinking I would sell my duplex after the pandemic passes. But that may never happen. Just as the world has opened-up for many public activities without masking and social distancing, now we hear about yet another Covid19 variant spreading over the globe.

This is ridiculous. I have already waited too long to sell my duplex and surely do not want to go through another period of waiting for pandemic requirements to come and go. We bought this duplex for our blended family when the children were growing up. But now they are grown and have left home. For the last few years we rented out the other side of the duplex, and felt it was best to continue during the pandemic.

If we could find a buyer who pays cash for a property with a lease on one unit, that would be great. We heard about the property buyers at We Pay Fast who buy directly from sellers, without involving sales agents or mortgage brokers. Maybe they could help us.

We Pay Fast Buys Duplexes

We Pay Fast is a team of professional real estate investors. They do not list property for sale, they purchase it, to keep as rental property or to resell. We Pay Fast buys single family homes, duplexes, apartment buildings, and other commercial properties.

As an experienced team of investors, We Pay Fast is set up to pay cash and close fast after making offers over the phone and following up with paperwork to sign by email. The process is quick and easy, which sounds great to us after waiting for so long to sell. In addition, We Pay Fast picks up all the closing costs and legal fees so the seller is not charged for them at closing.

I’ve been waiting to sell my duplex after the pandemic, but we are calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) right now instead.