Sell My Home Before Retirement

Sell My Home

Sell My Home Before Retirement

My financial planner helped me understand that it might be wise to sell my home before retirement. That might sound backwards. After retiring from full time employment, most people look forward to living in a home they are familiar with and have already paid for. That certainly makes sense, but it doesn’t fit our chosen lifestyle.

We are planning to travel to different locations all around the world as house sitters. House sitting is a popular and respected way to visit foreign countries as well as interesting parts of the United States. Without the burden of home ownership we will be free to move around and enjoy our unique living situations.

A beautiful villa in France appeals to us, and the owners need house sitters to start a few days after my scheduled retirement date. Rather than create chaos in our new life, we would like to sell our house immediately and live in a short-term rental until my last day on the job. That way it will be easy to pick up and leave for France after the retirement party on my last day of work.

We Pay Fast Can Close Fast

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast work directly with motivated sellers who all have their own reasons for needing a fast, cash sale. They are set up and equipped to respond quickly, to provide documents for signature by email, and to make all the arrangements for closing the transaction at a title or escrow company, including paying all the costs of closing.

Our home is lovely and would sell if listed with a real estate agent. We are not concerned about finding a buyer, but we are concerned about the inevitable delays involved with buyer financing. Applying for a mortgage loan can push the closing out six weeks or more. We’ll be poolside at the villa in France long before that time. That’s why we need a fast, cash buyer like the We Pay Fast team. Their transactions often close within a week to 10 days after documents are signed.

I’m getting ready to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or to email to sell my home before retirement.