Sell My Home Fast in Albuquerque

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Sell My Home Fast in Albuquerque

I need to sell my home fast in Albuquerque, even though it is not ready for the open market. Houses are selling quickly here, despite the continued spread of Covid19. Logically, it seems as though I should list my home with a real estate agent who would put it on the local multiple listing service. That is certainly one of my options, but it is not my preferred method to locate a buyer.

I want to find a buyer who will pay cash and close fast. These two things are more important to me than receiving top dollar for my property. My personal reasons for selling fast for cash are private, and I do not want to reveal them to an agent or to anyone else. So, listing with an agent who will ask me questions and possibly share my information with other agents and their buyers is not something I want to do.

Real estate investors are often cash buyers, but all real estate investors are not the same. Some local investors try to get sellers to agree to a sale price and to a few days to a couple weeks waiting period before closing is scheduled. Everyone knows the sale is never final until the property is transferred at closing, so that is why I only want to deal with established cash buyers.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash

We Pay Fast is a team of professional real estate investors with a track record going back many years. They have been investing in single-family homes for decades, and currently purchase property from Albuquerque homeowners. They pay cash and close fast, with a valuable bonus for the seller – no closing costs or legal fees will be deducted from my home equity check at closing. We Pay Fast picks up all the transaction costs.

Once the homebuyers at We Pay Fast decide to purchase my home and a purchase agreement is signed, I can expect to close within a week to ten days. I can sell my home fast in Albuquerque by calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to get started.