Sell My Home for Free

sell my home fast for cash

Sell My Home for Free

Real estate commissions take a big bite out of a seller’s profits at closing. It’s a significant expense most homeowners would like to avoid paying, but they don’t see any way around it. I am looking for a way to sell my home for free.

I know it’s possible because I have had a couple friends who sold their homes without paying commissions to real estate agents. One friend sold his home on and one called an investor and sold her mom’s house she’d inherited. She didn’t need that house and just wanted the cash instead.

The idea of setting up showings and leading complete strangers through my house so they can decide whether they are interested in buying it is not a pleasant thought. All the various parts of the sale process are intimidating to me, but the worst part is showing my home to strangers and then negotiating with them if they want to make an offer.  I am not interested in either of those activities.

Selling Without an Agent

What I want is to sell my home for free, meaning no newspaper or online advertising costs, no printed flyers or signs and no real estate commission paid to an agent. Maybe I’m expecting too much. There are usually costs involved with “for sale by owner” systems, which are generally portals to listing a house on the local multiple listing service used by agents.

Selling without a real estate agent means one of two things: 1) I have to sell my house by myself or 2) I have to call a real estate investor who buys and sells houses as a business. Having described my feelings about showing and negotiating a sale on my own home, I’ve decided that 2) is my best choice.

Call We Pay Fast to Sell for Free

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast make offers to buy homes quickly and without any costs charged to the seller. It sounds like a perfect choice for me, so I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807. Their email address is [email protected] and live chat is available on the site, I’m looking forward to discussing the sale of my home and closing within a week.