Sell My Home in a Bad Dallas Neighborhood?

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Sell My Home in a Bad Dallas Neighborhood?

The area has changed, so now I am forced to sell my home in a bad Dallas neighborhood. My parents bought this house in the 1970s and then I bought it from them when they moved into assisted living. Little did I know how much the neighborhood had changed since I was young. We should have put it on the market more than ten years ago, but now it’s too late.

People who could afford to buy newer homes in the Dallas metropolitan area have sold their homes in this neighborhood and moved away. But my parents were not inclined to do that, since they expected to need senior housing within a few years anyway. And now I am challenged with selling my home in an area that has become undesirable because it is full of rental houses with tenants that do not care about maintaining their homes or their yards.

The most likely buyer for my home will be a real estate investor who buys residential real estate as a business. Investors can see the value in any property, and easily determine if it fits in with their portfolio of rentals.

We Pay Fast Buys Dallas Properties

The real estate investors at We Pay Fast buy and sell houses in a variety of Dallas neighborhoods. They have a team to clean up, make repairs and undertake remodeling projects, as necessary. And sometimes they offer owner financing to new buyers when they are ready to resell the houses.

This is a good time for me to call home buying specialists at We Pay Fast. Their number is 405-521-1807, or I can email them at [email protected] to get a call back within 24 hours. If my house works for them, I can look forward to closing within a week to ten days, with no commissions, fees or closing costs deducted from my equity check. I can sell my home in a bad Dallas neighborhood and move away.