Sell My Home in Lawrence, Kansas

need to sell my home fast

Sell My Home in Lawrence, Kansas

I need to sell my home in Lawrence, Kansas quickly. The pandemic has disrupted our life in many ways, so selling our house to eliminate our taxes and maintenance expenses has become a priority. We cannot continue to live beyond our means, no matter what is happening in the world economy. Our family economy needs help right now.

We weren’t planning on selling our home now. Circumstances beyond our control have led to this decision that we’ve made together as husband and wife, so at least we are in agreement. We see our financial situation the same way and we agree on our best way to solve our debt issues. When we sell our home in Lawrence to a cash buyer, we will have enough equity to pay off our most pressing bills and also pay the first and last month plus security deposit on another place to live.

It’s been a long time since we were tenants, ever since we bought our home together in 1985. Our original mortgage has been paid off for many years, which means the sale price will equal our equity. We have a debt-reduction plan and all we need to carry it out is to get our cash equity as quickly as possible.

We Pay Fast Buys Homes Fast in Lawrence, Kansas

­­­­­We have decided to call We Pay Fast at 405-512-1807 or email them at to speak to their professional homebuyers about our house for sale. They buy residential real estate directly from the owners. No agents or brokers are involved, so no commission is paid by either the buyer or seller.

Working with We Pay Fast is a clean, quick solution that allows us to completely avoid listing our house on the local real estate market or putting up a sign in the yard. Those are things we truly wish to avoid, as well as the commission we would have to pay to the listing agent when the transaction closes.

If the We Pay Fast investor is interested in our home, I could sell my home in Lawrence, Kansas with no closing costs, legal fees or real estate commissions charged to me at closing. We Pay Fast picks up all the costs and closes FAST, within a week to ten days of signing the purchase agreement. This is exactly the kind of buyer I am looking for now.