Sell My Home Now, or Wait Until Summer?

Sell My Home Now

Sell My Home Now, or Wait Until Summer?

Should I sell my home now, or wait until summer? I am certainly not the only homeowner asking this question. Some sellers are asking their real estate agents, as well as family, friends, and associates. It would make things much easier if a definite answer could be found. But unfortunately, no definite answer exists.

In resort areas where the real estate business thrives in summer it might be an easy decision. Selling in the summer when more people visit the area on vacation makes sense. My property is not located in a resort area; it is in a suburban, midwestern, residential neighborhood.

I do not want to wait and sell my home when many other sellers are planning to put their homes on the market. Having too much competition does not benefit sellers at all. My goal is to have my home sold weeks before other homes in my area show up on the market.

I Could Sell My Home Now to We Pay Fast

I could beat the crowded real estate market this summer by selling my home now to We Pay Fast. They are investors who pay cash and close fast, which is just the kind of sale I desire. Avoiding the long wait for traditional buyer financing is the main thing I want to avoid.

We Pay Fast makes offers over the phone when a property works for their portfolio. I can call them at 405-521-1807 or email them at and receive a phone call in reply within 24 hours. They are easy to talk to and easy to work with, making sure every seller understands the process and then providing all the sale documents for signature by email.

I could sell my home now, to We Pay Fast, and have my home equity in cash within a week to ten days. If I can sell quickly and easily to We Pay Fast, why wait until summer?