Sell My Home to Neighbors

sell my home

Sell My Home to Neighbors

It doesn’t happen every day, but when you mention that you’ve accepted a new job in another state, your neighbors might ask when you’ll put your house up for sale. That’s the moment you have the thought, “I might sell my home to neighbors and not have to pay a real estate commission.”

It’s very exciting, but it can also be an awkward moment because you realize they will want to know a sale price. When potential buyers know where a property is located, which is usually their first interest, the next thing they want to know is the asking price. Liking the house is one thing, liking the sale price is another thing entirely.

This is the moment many homeowners decide to talk to a real estate agent before they talk about a sale price to their neighbors. Talking about money is so awkward for them that they immediately want to delegate the task to someone else, to a real estate professional. Stating and negotiating a sale price is not comfortable at all.

Timing Your Home Sale

It’s not just the sale price that can be an awkward topic of discussion, but it’s also the timing.  You may have a very short timeline to move and get started in your new job, but the neighbors might need a month or six weeks to obtain mortgage financing. Or, if your neighbors need to sell their existing home before buying yours, it could take several months for them to close a transaction with you. Sell My Home

Establishing a timeline for your own needs usually begins with your new employer. You may not have much choice in the date you need to be on the job, whether your home is sold or not. Buyers, even neighbors who may be your good friends, will have their own priorities and their own timeline.

Matching up your real estate sale timeline with your buyers’ timeline may turn out to be a problem, even if you do discuss and agree on a sale price.

Sell to Buyers Who Are Ready to Buy Now

If you’re unable to determine a sale price and a timeline that works to sell my home to neighbors as you’d hoped, there’s a good alternative you should consider. You can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 and talk to a professional home buyer. We buy homes every day. We are always ready to pay cash on your timeline.

There are no commissions or legal fees charged to the seller, so you receive your cash and you’re on your way to your new job. Call or email us at