Sell My Home While Vacant

sell my home for cash

Sell My Home While Vacant

Since my tenants moved out recently, I have decided to sell my home while it is vacant. But I cannot afford to let it sit empty for long. Selling a house that was formerly a rental is a little different than selling a personal residence, which means it may not attract a qualified buyer quickly.

I am interested in selling fast for cash. Listing with a real estate agent is not likely to bring me a fast, cash buyer, so that is why I do not intend to list my home on the local multiple listing service. My plan requires more work from me, but it should bring the quick results I desire. For one thing, I do not intend to spend money making repairs or doing any remodeling before selling the house. I want to sell as-is.

My plan is to call professional homebuyers who pay cash and close fast. They are well-acquainted with buying and selling rental properties and usually have rental houses of their own. Selling a rental house to an experienced landlord will be easier than selling it to a traditional buyer who intends to live in the home.

We Pay Fast Buys Rental Houses

The team at We Pay Fast has many years’ experience purchasing homes directly from sellers, with no agents or brokers involved in their transactions. They produce all the necessary documents, from the initial purchase agreement to all the final closing paperwork at no charge to the seller. We Pay Fast takes care of all the legal and title company expenses to complete the sale as well.

I can call 405-521-1807 or email, understanding I will receive a phone call in reply within 24 hours if I leave a voice mail or send an email. When the We Pay Fast investor calls me back, we will discuss the physical and financial details of my rental house because that is how investors calculate its value before making an offer.

If they make me an offer, a purchase agreement will be emailed to me for my signature and our closing date will be set within a week to ten days. I will get a check for my equity in the property and no longer be dealing with tenants. Dealing with We Pay Fast is a good way for me to sell my home while its vacant.