Sell My Home with Everything in It

sell my home fast for cash

Sell My Home with Everything in It

You might be surprised to know that professional home buyers occasionally hear a homeowner say, “I need to sell my home fast with everything in it.”  They might not have time to schedule an auction or hire a moving crew. They are obviously in a hurry and have no time to deal with their belongings inside the house and garage. So, they make a call to someone who will buy their home “as-is.”

Real estate investors who buy and sell homes routinely can deal with the contents inside the house and garage as part of their everyday business. Moving a houseful of belongings may be an overwhelming burden to the homeowner, but only an average daily task to the investor.

The value of personal belongings is not particularly important. Most professional home buyers are not interested in the contents at all. They will hire a crew to haul off everything in the house and garage, but they aren’t putting much value on it.

There would be exceptions for valuable or collectible furniture, appliances or other items, but homeowners with valuable possessions don’t usually call professional buyers to buy their home with contents included. They are more likely to advertise and sell their belongings or hold an auction instead.

How Fast Can I Sell My Home with Everything in It?

Naturally, how fast you can sell your home depends on who is buying it. If you call a cash buyer and they are interested in your home, it’s possible to get your cash within a week, and simply walk away without moving any of your possessions. This is not an impossible scenario. It’s normal for professional home buyers who are set up to deal with unwanted contents of the homes they purchase.

If you have a preferred time frame, such as within a month or by the end of the year, property investors are usually willing to work with you on that. In some cases, they may purchase your home quickly and then rent it back to you for the short period of time you need to live there.

Or they may wait to purchase your home when you are ready to leave it. This is an item that will be discussed and determined when you discuss the purchase price and closing date.

Who Can I Call?

It doesn’t get any easier than calling 405-521-1807 to reach the professional buyers at We Pay Fast. If you’d rather send an email, send it to to get an immediate reply. If you’re wondering, “how fast can I sell my home with everything in it?” and you want to get some answers right away, contact us.