Sell My House by Advertising Online

want to sell my house quickly

Sell My House by Advertising Online

I have just about decided to sell my house by advertising online. I’m very tempted to advertise my house for sale by owner and avoid listing it with a real estate agent, if I am up to the challenge.

What’s challenging about selling my home by running online ads is the time and attitude involved, meaning my time and my attitude. It takes time to post ads online and respond to the phone calls, texts and emails the ads generate. Nobody is going to be taking care of all this correspondence for me, so I’ll be responsible for it myself.

Maybe I’m being over-optimistic. I’m expecting responses to my ads because a couple of my friends have told me what to expect. They both spent many hours a week replying to inquiries about their homes advertised on craigslist and other national and local online platforms. Maybe they were just lucky to receive so much response.

But I need to be prepared for a wave of response to my ads, too. One of my friends said she’d help me with interior and exterior photos of my home, as well as show me how to post them online. I am grateful for her offer to help, but it’s starting to feel like a whole lot of work for me.

Turns out, there are dozens of online marketplaces where sellers can list their homes for sale. Just finding the sites can be time-consuming, let alone creating listings and posting them.


Besides all the work finding online sites, creating posts and replying to people who respond to them, there is the fact that I don’t like selling. If an interested party comes to see my home and wants to make an offer, I will have to do the paperwork and get involved in negotiations. I don’t like paperwork and I don’t like selling or negotiating.

I guess that’s my real problem. Running online ads isn’t my problem, it’s what happens when someone is ready to make an offer that is awkward for me, due to my lack of knowledge and experience.

I can avoid selling and negotiating by calling We Pay Fast. Their buyers make cash offers on homes all over the country, handle all the paperwork and pay all the legal costs and fees. We Pay Fast does not charge a real estate commission to the seller and schedules the closing within a week to ten days after making their offer.

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