Sell My House by December 31st

sell my house for cash fast

Sell My House by December 31st

It’s nearly mid-December and I have a serious need to sell my house by December 31st. It may seem impossible, since most people believe that the real estate industry shuts down between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But industry professionals will tell you that’s not always their experience.

Buyers may be motivated to shop for a new home before the end of the year for a variety of reasons:

1) They must relocate for a new job starting in the new year. Their new employer is expecting to pay the moving expenses on a tight time frame.

2) They are expecting a big year-end bonus or legal settlement and want to invest the income.

3) They earn their living from agriculture, so the spring, summer and fall are too busy to shop for a new home.

4) They need to put money into a more expensive property in the current year for tax purposes.

5)  They have a growing family and cannot wait any longer to get more living space.

I read through those reasons and understand it’s possible I could find a buyer before December 31st this year. But that buyer would need to pay cash at closing to avoid the time-consuming mortgage loan approval process. So, a cash buyer who is very motivated needs to see my house and truly desire to buy it quickly. Those two qualities – being a cash buyer and being very motivated – are rarely found in one buyer.

Where to Find a Cash Buyer Any Day

Rather than waiting for the perfect buyer to show up, I can use an easy alternative for finding a cash buyer any day. I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 and speak to one of their professional buyers about my home and explain my short time frame for selling it.

We Pay Fast will understand my need to sell my house by December 31st for cash. They will analyze it and decide whether buying my house works in their portfolio before giving me an offer. Once we agree on a price, they will close the transaction within a week or so, which is exactly what I need right now. And I will pay no real estate commission or legal fees of any kind. I will receive their full offer in cash at closing.

By emailing or filling out the form on their website I will get a call back and be on my way to sell my house by December 31st this year.