Sell My House Fast Due to Unemployment

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Sell My House Fast Due to Unemployment

I lost my job due to Covid19 and need to sell my house fast due to unemployment.  The costs of property taxes and homeowner’s insurance were piling up on me before this happened, but now I’m behind on my mortgage payments, too. Selling the house looks like the only solution for us right now.

My unemployment checks are keeping us going with gas and groceries, but they don’t cover the costs of home ownership. Taking any job I can find is not a solution for the long run. But getting out from under the expenses of owning a home will take the pressure off for now and for the immediate future as well.

Since we’ve had to use our credit cards for living expenses, our monthly payments on those cards have gone up considerably. To keep a decent credit score, selling the house for fast cash is the best way to pay off debts and avoid incurring additional homeownership costs.

Call We Pay Fast for a Quick Home Sale

Calling the professional buyers at We Pay Fast is one way I may be able to sell my house fast and relieve my financial pressure. If they are interested in buying my house, the sale could close in a week to ten days after signing the agreement, with all back payments made to my creditors and the balance of my home equity paid to me.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to sell a house fast due to unemployment or any other reason. There are no closing costs, fees or commissions charged to the seller. The dollar amount We Pay Fast offers a seller is the same amount they pay to the seller, or to creditors on the seller’s behalf.