Sell My House Fast to Escape

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Sell My House Fast to Escape

It may sound overly dramatic when I say I need to sell my house fast to escape the neighborhood. It is not an exaggeration; it is the truth. First the Coronavirus pandemic and now the riots and protests… These huge changes in the nation have affected our neighborhood in an undeniable way.

After years of co-existing amicably, greeting each other in a friendly way and stopping to chat when we are out walking our dogs, now the neighbors have formed into opposing sides on the issue of wearing masks. It is not a friendly feud; it has become an ugly war.

People who have known each other for years are taking sides and blaming the other side for normal behavior. I mean, it is normal to walk outdoors without a mask. I am not polluting the environment or risking anyone’s health and safety when I am not standing or walking close to them. I am not putting their health at risk in any way.

Unfortunately, the neighbors who are choosing not to wear masks outdoors now are strongly opposed by those who believe that wearing a mask is everyone’s responsibility whenever they leave their own home. The mask-wearing neighbors have begun to harass those of us who are not wearing masks, making it impossible to leave our homes without fear.

Escaping the Neighborhood Opposition

It is hard to believe I must sell my house fast to escape the harassment of neighbors who were formerly friends. We have considered the long-term consequences of continuing to live in our current home and we have decided it is not worth the hassle of putting up with the harassment, now or in the future.

If a person turns on you over wearing a mask outdoors, which is not required by the city, county or state government, they have taken on the role of a neighborhood militant. The neighbors who believe in wearing masks outdoors have formed a militia of sorts, and the rest of us have become their enemy.

Finding a Cash Buyer Fast

I have had to focus on finding a cash buyer fast, and that search led me to We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors who pay cash for homes like ours all over the country. They are not concerned about militant, mask-wearing neighbors. They look at their portfolio and do their own math, for their own purposes, then make you an offer on your home if they are interested.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a qualified, professional homebuyer who pays cash and closes fast, within a week to ten days. I will be calling We Pay Fast to sell my house fast to escape the neighborhood now.