Sell My House Fast with Furniture

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Sell My House Fast with Furniture

An agent told me I could sell my house fast with furniture in it. What she was telling me made sense because when a house is furnished it looks more inviting to potential buyers. Real estate agents like showing furnished homes where nobody is currently living.  

But what I want is to sell the furniture that is in my house, too. I not only want to sell my home, but I want to sell all the furniture as part of the sale. Even with the furniture in it I do not think a traditional homebuyer will become interested, make an offer and be able to close as quickly as I desire.

I need a buyer who can pay cash and close fast, and one who is willing to purchase all the furniture along with the home. There are real estate investors who purchase furnished houses regularly, so I would like to find one to work with me now.

We Pay Fast Buys Furnished Houses

To sell my house for fast cash I can make one call to We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or send them an email at to speak to a real estate investor within 24 hours.

Once we have a phone call about the property and the home furnishings, the investor may make me an offer on the phone. If I accept the offer, the investor will follow up with a purchase agreement by email and confirmation of the closing date we schedule to meet my own needs. The closing can be scheduled within a week to ten days of the signed purchase agreement.

We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and legal fees involved in our sale transaction, so it looks like calling We Pay Fast may be the best way for me to sell my house fast with furniture included.