Sell My House For Cash in Austin

sell my house for cash fast

Sell My House for Cash in Austin

This week I decided it’s time to sell my house for cash in Austin. It’s been months of wondering and worrying about the Coronavirus pandemic and how it will affect my home sale. I thought about how to get my house ready to sell, how to make repairs and do some remodeling so it would bring the highest sale price.

Then I thought about how much time and money it would cost to do those repairs and that remodeling. Finding a contractor is hard enough but the bill for labor and materials can be staggering. I used to do that kind of work myself and took pride in my work. Doing the work myself is no longer possible and hiring contractors or handymen is out of my price range.

I need to sell my house for cash in Austin because real estate agents have very high expectations for the homes they list and sell. They want every property to be a show piece, like you might see in a magazine. Unfortunately, my house is not magazine quality.  I need to find a cash buyer that sees the value in my home as-is.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash in Austin

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast pay cash for homes like mine. They have been in business for a long time, buying and selling homes for investment purposes. As investors, they do not have the same requirements as Austin real estate agents do. We Pay Fast has a team of people to do the repairs and remodeling, so each seller does not have to do it.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email [email protected] to speak with a real estate investor. If you leave a voice message or send an email you will get a call back within 24 hours. After discussing your home for sale, the We Pay Fast investor will make you an offer, if they are interested. And you decide whether or not you’d like to accept their offer.

When we agree on a sale price, We Pay Fast drafts the purchase agreement and sends it to me to sign. All the documents needed to close a sale are provided by We Pay Fast, and no closing costs are charged to the seller. The sale price we agree on is the amount I will receive at closing, within a week to ten days from signing the original purchase agreement.