Sell My House in Austin for Cash

want to sell your house in Austin fast

Sell My House in Austin for Cash

The time has come for me to sell my house in Austin for cash. Although I’ve been thinking about selling it for a couple years, time has run out and I need to sell it right away. If I had listed it months ago and found a buyer through a real estate agent, I would not be in this situation now.

Austin, Texas is a popular, growing city. Nearly any house will sell if it’s suitable for financing by a bank or mortgage company. Lenders have their own specific requirements each borrower must meet, and those requirements make it difficult for me to sell to buyers who will be financing their home purchase.

My house needs work, that’s the plain and simple truth. It’s a good house, but an inspector will point out some problems that any lender will want to see fixed and repaired prior to making a financing commitment. I already had one offer subject to financing, so my comments are based on my experience.

Spend Money to Remodel or Sell for Cash

At this point I would have to spend money to meet any lender’s requirements for fixing and repairing the problems identified by a home inspector.  And I don’t have that money available for home repairs. If I’d had the money to make repairs, my house would not be in its present condition and I would not need a cash buyer today.

Without my own cash to invest, I am interested in locating a buyer who has cash to pay me for the house and additional cash to take care of needed repairs as soon as the house changes hands. There’s no time to waste. I need a cash buyer in Austin today, someone who doesn’t need to contact a mortgage lender to borrow cash to close.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash for Homes in Austin

The buyers at We Pay Fast are quick and easy to contact. They will let me know if they are interested in buying my house and how much cash they’ll pay me. That’s exactly the kind of buyer I need now.

We Pay Fast can be prepared to close the real estate transaction within a week to ten days, and they won’t charge me any of the closing costs or fees. I will receive a check for the amount they offer me.

If you live in Austin or another city in Texas, email, use the contact form online on or call 405-521-1807 to speak to a professional investor buyer.