Sell My House or Lease It Instead

Sell My House

Sell My House or Lease It Instead

Should I sell my house or lease it instead? In order to make that decision I need to know what comes next, after the house sells. And that is where I am stuck. Deciding on my next move, including where I am going and for how long, is not easy. There are several variables, so it’s hard to make these decisions.

Either way, if I sell my house or if I lease it for a year to tenants, I will be moving out and putting my belongings in storage. That is a given. What is unknown is whether I will be returning to this area in the future or not. If I return, I would certainly prefer to have my own home again. If I do not return, I would sell the house after my tenants move out. Both of these scenarios are realistic. Both of them are possible.

So, it comes down to having my cash equity out of the property now or waiting to receive it later. I’ve been advised to sell now because the possibility of tenants causing damage to the property is significant. I can obtain a credit check but that information does not guarantee good behavior. A landlord never knows for certain whether tenants will show respect for the property or not.

Sell My House to We Pay Fast

The professional real estate investors at We Pay Fast pay cash and close fast on houses in any condition, in any part of the country. They re-sell some of the properties they purchase and some of them are kept as rental houses. They have the resources, the knowledge, and the interest in buying houses like mine.

A We Pay Fast buyer will return my phone call to 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) within 24 hours. When we talk on the phone and discuss the details of my house for sale, I may receive an offer. All the We Pay Fast homebuyers are authorized to make offers if a property works for their portfolio. When the seller accepts their offer, the We Pay Fast admin team prepares a purchase agreement and emails it to the seller to sign. From the date of seller and buyer signatures on the purchase agreement it may be as little as a week to ten days when the closing is held.

Since We Pay Fast also pays the closing costs and legal fees for their transactions, I am no longer wondering if I should sell my house or lease it instead. I’m calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) today!