Sell My House or Refinance it?

Sell my House

Sell My House or Refinance It?

For weeks now, I’ve been trying to decide whether to sell my house or refinance it. There are positives and negatives on both sides, and people with opinions to match them all. I’m making some changes in my life and giving consideration to keeping my house or selling it soon.

Coronavirus has changed all our lives and that includes mine. It’s still affecting us all, every day, and influencing our decisions as well. Although I still have the same job I had before the pandemic spread across the world it provides less income for the same number of hours worked. Times are tough for employers, too.

Selling my house is my primary option, but refinancing is an attractive alternative now because interest rates have dropped to their lowest levels in decades. It really comes down to this – can I sell my house or refinance it faster? Which will give provide me with the cash I need quickly?

On second thought, it’s not only the quick cash that is motivating me, but the reality of moving on with my life without the responsibility to pay taxes, property insurance and maintenance expenses on a home I own. Those costs can be crushing when your monthly income is less than it used to be.

We Pay Fast Pays Fast Cash for Houses

The most practical thing for me to do is to call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email them at and speak to a professional homebuyer to sell my house. They are very experienced and have the authority to make me an offer over the phone. If I accept their offer, they follow up our phone call with an email purchase agreement for me to sign.

Selling to We Pay Fast, if it works for them and for me, is quick and easy. My home sale could close within a week to ten days after signing the purchase agreement. Selling to We Pay Fast seems like the best answer to my question – sell my house or refinance it?