Sell My House to Pay My Debts

sell my house for cash fast

Sell My House to Pay My Debts

The Covid-19 virus has thrown tens of millions of people into poverty and panic mode. I should know because I am one of them, and now I must sell my house to pay my debts as soon as possible.

When courtrooms reopen across the country in the next few weeks there may be a lot of bankruptcy cases on the dockets. Since most people live without much money in savings, the last couple months with no income will be likely to force many people into bankruptcy. By selling my house now I should be able to avoid bankruptcy.

I am fortunate to have another place to live, so the prospect of selling my house will not leave me homeless, but many other homeowners are not as fortunate. One of the financial consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic may very well be a new mortgage crisis. I want to pay off my mortgage to stay out of problems with my lender and to stay out of bankruptcy.

Pay My Debts with Fast Cash

I only need one, qualified cash buyer to buy my house. I don’t need dozens of people coming over to see my house on a tour of many homes for sale. I don’t need to hold an open house and invite the public. Real estate agents are selling homes with video tours and professional photos posted online, but I don’t have time for all those marketing activities either. I need one cash buyer immediately, so I can get my equity and pay off my debts.

We Pay Fast buys houses like mine and pays cash to the sellers within a week to ten days. That’s the kind of qualified, cash buyer I need. Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1808 or emailing [email protected] is easy.

Getting in touch with the professional home buyers at We Pay Fast is the way I intend to avoid any upcoming mortgage crisis, as well as avoiding all real estate commissions, marketing costs, legal fees and closing costs. Within a week to ten days I can sell my house to pay my debts and move on with life after this pandemic when I sign an agreement with the real estate professionals at We Pay Fast.