Sell My House To The Tenants?

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Sell My House To The Tenants?

I am thinking about how to sell my house to the tenants because I want to sell it and buy something else. Having owned a rental house for many years, I am ready to upgrade to bigger investments now. A good opportunity has come up and I need to act fast to take advantage of it, which means I need to get my cash equity in the rental house for the new investment.

On one hand, I would love to see the tenants stay in the house because they love it and they take care of it. If I can figure out a way to sell my house to them it would be ideal for both the tenants and for me. But building my investment portfolio must take priority over my good intentions for my good tenants. I would love to help them out by financing the property for them, but that arrangement would not provide me with the quick cash I need.

Get Fast Cash – Sell to We Pay Fast

As a practical matter, I need to find a cash buyer for my rental property. Making the legal arrangements to sell it to my tenants will take too long and their down payment money will not be enough for my reinvestment plans. A professional home investor is a much more suitable buyer for me.

Investors buy real estate to re-sell it, or to remodel it and then re-sell it. Sometimes they keep it in their investment portfolio as a rental house. What they do with my house after buying it is not as important to me as the cash I will receive when I sell it. Getting fast cash when I sell my house is what is important to me.

We Pay Fast is a team of investors who pay cash and close fast. Their business model may serve my needs perfectly. We Pay Fast picks up all the closing costs and legal fees, so the sale price we agree upon is the amount I will receive at closing. I will be calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to speak to an investor to sell my house now.