Sell My House Without A Broker

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Sell My House Without A Broker

I need to sell my house without a broker, to save time and money. There are several reasons why I cannot wait to list it, show it and wait for a traditional buyer to buy it. The typical time frame for a sale through a real estate broker may be a month to six weeks after receiving an offer, and I don’t have that much time to wait.

Over the years I have hired brokers and their agents to buy and sell homes. It’s a comfortable and easy way to do business when there’s no time pressure. And I’ve known sellers who received more than one offer within a week or so from listing their property, but that’s the exception. It’s not a common experience shared by most home sellers across the country.

A house may be on the market for several months before someone makes an offer. If a successful negotiation results in a satisfactory price, that’s when the month to six weeks of waiting for inspections and financing approval begins. This is a common scenario, which is why I want to avoid it entirely.

Need a Way to Sell My House Fast

Basically, I need a way to sell my house fast. That’s the bottom line for me. I’m not as concerned about selling for its top dollar as I am interested in selling as quickly as possible.  Some home sellers have found cash buyers quickly and easily by calling real estate investors. They are professional buyers who usually pay cash and rely on their legal team to conduct a title search and create closing documents within a few days.

One company that pays cash and closes quickly is We Pay Fast. They have lots of experience buying and selling homes as property investors, and they will talk to me on the phone. That’s what I like, people I can speak to and discuss my options.

We Pay Fast professional home buyers are available at 405-521-1807 and at [email protected] They will call me back if necessary to discuss how they can help me sell my house without a broker.