Sell My Warehouse on Craigslist?

Sell My Warehouse

Sell My Warehouse on Craigslist?

Should I sell my warehouse on Well, I guess a better question is this – should I post my warehouse for sale on and hope it sells? The well-known site has a category for posting information and allows up to eight photos on each post.

Doing some research online, I saw one seasoned real estate seller give this advice, “Only those that know how to navigate the craigslist page and cater to a specific audience will realize success.” That sentence does not inspire me to get involved in staging areas for photos, taking and editing photos, collecting property details, and posting them along with the photos.

Either I hire a commercial real estate broker to sell my warehouse, and assume they will handle all the marketing tasks, or I locate a buyer myself. is one way to find a buyer on my own. But there may be another way that could work better for me.

Avoid – Sell to We Pay Fast Instead

I can avoid and reach out to the professional buyers at One phone call to 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email to will connect me to them within 24 hours of leaving a voicemail or sending an email.  I will receive a phone call in reply from one of their experienced investors.

We Pay Fast has years of experience purchasing properties directly from sellers, without the involvement of real estate agents or commercial brokers. We Pay Fast provides all the documents and arranges for all the legal and title work to close each transaction, at no cost to the seller.

Getting in touch with We Pay Fast is quick and easy. They are knowledgeable about commercial properties, including warehouses like mine. Once I provide the financials they need to make a buying decision, we will discuss price and terms again on the phone.

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) could be the best way to find my commercial buyer and not have to sell my warehouse on craigslist.