Sell Property Without A Delayed Closing

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Sell Property Without A Delayed Closing

Can I sell property without a delayed closing for mortgage company requirements? I hear story after story about buyer financing issues. It seems that mortgage lenders all have their own specific requirements, and new ones seem to pop up during the approval process, too. The best way to avoid delayed closings due to mortgage lender requirements is to find a cash buyer.

Interest rates are climbing, and new housing starts are slowing down. Mortgage lenders are also reducing the number of people on staff. These changes are significant, but they may not affect the time frame of the average real estate closing at all. If a buyer applies for mortgage financing it will take six weeks or more to close the transaction, assuming they qualify.

To sell property fast without a delayed closing due to the buyer financing process, find a cash buyer. It’s that simple. And it can be simple in real life by calling the professional buyers at We Pay Fast. They purchase homes, condos, apartment buildings, warehouses, and retail locations directly from the owners, with no agents or brokers involved in the sale.

Sell Property to We Pay Fast Without Delays

When We Pay Fast makes an offer on a property, they are prepared to send a purchase agreement by email for sellers’ signatures. Following receipt of the signed purchase agreement the We Pay Fast admin team sets up a closing with a local title or escrow company to correspond to the specified closing date.

When We Pay Fast is the buyer you can sell a property without a delayed closing and look forward to the buyer paying all the closing costs and legal fees as well. All it takes is one call to 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or one email to and I will receive a phone call back within 24 hours.