Sell the House I Inherit

want to sell my house fast

Sell the House I Inherit

My parents would love for me to move into the house they own, but I plan to sell the house I inherit from them. Since they are both in a nursing home and won’t be returning to live in their home, right now it’s vacant. Although they are encouraging me to live there, I am not choosing to move in.

It’s not easy to help them understand how much work their home needs now. Since they lived in the house for over 50 years, they don’t have a perspective on what’s needed to list a house and sell it with a real estate agent these days.

They are not physically able to go back in the house to clean up and give away or discard their possessions. Now that has become my job, which won’t be easy.

Meanwhile, someone has to be in charge of paying all the household bills, including the property taxes and homeowners premiums when they are due. Taking care of my parents’ finances has become my job as well.

When Heirs Aren’t in Agreement

Maybe you have more than one heir to deal with a home your parents own. It’s easy for me because nobody else is involved with the house now, and nobody else will be involved when my parents pass away. But many people must consider the opinions of multiple heirs, and that came become problematic.

It’s a common problem, so Capital One advises families to get help if necessary.  “If you and your siblings can’t agree on who should own the home or how to divide it, you might seek the advice of an attorney. Sometimes, an unbiased professional can offer ideas you may not have considered.”

The bottom line for most heirs is the value of the house and the time frame for selling it. Investing money to fix up a house before selling it doesn’t appeal to most people, including me. I want to sell it and receive the proceeds of the sale, not spend my own money to get access to my inheritance.

Selling an Inherited House for Cash

It’s possible access the cash from my inheritance quickly and easily by calling We Pay Fast to buy my parents’ home. I have decided not to sell it until they are gone, but I can talk to the professional buyers at We Pay Fast now, to find out if they are interested in the house and how much they are willing to pay me for it.

We can have a conversation and set up the home sale in advance, so that there’s not much to do when I’m busy planning a funeral in the future. We Pay Fast will buy the house and contents together and take care of all the expenses of emptying and cleaning it, as well as all the expenses of closing the sale.

Call  405-521-1807 or email  to sell your inherited house with no real estate commission or fees on the sale. You can do what I’m doing, which is contacting to sell the house I inherit for cash.