Sell Your House for Cash To Relatives?

Sell Your House for Cash

Sell Your House for Cash To Relatives?

Can you sell your house for cash to relatives and feel good about it? Maybe you have inherited real estate and have a relative who wants to purchase it from you. Or, maybe you have more than one relative interested in your inherited property, and it has become a competitive situation that is causing problems in the family.

Competition over your house for sale could, of course, result in more money for you. A higher sale price offered by the “winning bidder,” so to speak, will provide you with a larger proceeds check at the closing table. But a larger proceeds check may cause big problems in your family in the long run.

When family members fight and argue over a house, the seller cannot win, not really. Although the seller may benefit from the sale, they may suffer in other ways for years to come, including tax consequences. When more than one relative wants to buy a house you inherited, you are well-advised to step back from the situation and consider your options.

The first option is asking for a cash offer. When you sell your house for cash to relatives it is likely that only one party will have enough cash available to buy it. That gives your relative with cash on hand the advantage in negotiating with you. But if neither of your relatives has enough available cash, and will need to apply for a mortgage loan, you have another option for a cash home sale.

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